In my opinion, an earthquake is on the way, a wonderful eruption of TRUTH! Election Integrity in ALL 50 states in ALL elections will be restored. Republicans will triumph and the disintegrated Democratic Party will have to be deeply reformed. The good news is that two WORTHY parties are necessary to have an accountable democracy, NOT like the one-party dictatorship in Communist China.

Socialism has NEVER worked and never will. WHY? It’s quite simple. Human motivation is ignored and socialism is based on envy and hate, two negative human values. Individual achievement and reward through legal and ethical means is a way that America has thrived creatively and economically.

All who believe me; bombard local, state, and national office holders with the above message; letters, e-mails, phone calls, personal visits, especially to Democrats. Be civil, courteous, but forceful. Please DON’T use profanity or threaten physical force.


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