Let’s Get Seriously Informed about Syria

There was a very insightful opinion article in The Wall Street Journal this morning, August 31, 2013, by Elizabeth O’Bagy, a senior analyst at the Institute for the Study of War.
    The most interesting observation she makes after several trips to Syria is that moderate opposition groups are carrying on a good bit of the fighting against Assad forces.
    I will not try to retell her quite analytical and knowledgeable account, but it’s obvious that the radical Mustlims don’t dominate the civil war against Assad.  They do have a presence in some areas–particularly in Northern Syria.
    I believe now is not the time for swift military action by the United States, but rather a propitious time to evaluate the use of violence and nonviolence.  Remember what Gandhi said, “Violence begets violence.”  I say, “Kindness begets kindness.”  We are all world citizens who must look at horror at the totally selfish and ruthless dictator Assad.  But sinking to his level may not be the wisest choice, and once a strike has been made from the air, what do we do next?
    It’s time for all of our world citizens to think and pray about genocide and the use of violence against nonviolent citizens in Syria and elsewhere.

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