Monthly Archives: August 2014

Love and Joy

Life at its fullest must encompass a pursuit of maximization of one’s potential.  None of us can actually attain that lofty goal, but trying can bring satisfaction.  Now joy in life needs love, too.  We need to love others and receive love from others.  Those who are most fortunate achieve lasting romantic love.

NEEDED: Capable, Wise, and Honest Leaders

America and all nations need capable, wise, and honest leaders.  The citizens of democracies must learn to perceive such leaders—not through low information, emotional, one-issue campaigns, but rather by being astute, educated, and informed.

It’s very important to see through a candidate’s misleading statements, or their outright lies, such as President Obama has purveyed from the beginning.  We don’t want “change” and “forward” into scandals unreported by the mainstream press.  We don’t like laws like Obamacare promulgated by two-faced Senators like Mary Landrieu, a deep liberal in Washington, D. C., and another person back in Louisiana.  She’s out of touch with the people of Louisiana and she must be defeated by Bill Cassidy, M. D., who I believe is far more reliable.

We must take back our nation from these liberals – far left liberals no matter whether they call themselves “progressives” or tell us we can “keep our doctor;” say IRS emails were lost; bring chaos to our borders, harm our veterans, have accumulated phone records on everyone in America and on and on.

President Obama is intentionally harming our nation and we must retake the Senate, maintain the House and hold the line against this out of control anti-American that speaks well, but is devoid of positive leadership.  And Hillary is on the horizon.  She is a dose of more of the same.  That is my honest opinion.

Our nation simply deserves better than President Obama, Secretary Clinton and Senator Landrieu.

Our nation is under assault by an anti-American, radical leftist President and while we still have the ballot, we must use it – in Congress – House and Senate – in 2014 and in the Presidency in 2016.  My Presidential choice for the Republican Party is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.  I sincerely believe he has the boldness, courage, capability, wisdom and honesty to lead us out of this dire threat to our very democracy.  And that will hurt the chances immensely to proceed in the direction of heaven on earth.

Navigating toward the Wisdom-Associated Values and away from the Negative Values

We either navigate the Innovation Age with the wisdom-associated values while learning to shun the negative values or America and the world are going to suffer greatly.  At least in America, we still have a stable and robust democracy (while not prosperous) and, as Abraham Lincoln stated, “The ballot is stronger than the bullet.”

There is no doubt that the world needs love.  Lover overpowers hate, revenge, envy, greed, and selfishness—the negative values.

We each have our mind, body, and “little piece of God.”  This third aspect of each of us is what guides us toward the wisdom-associated values, as well as love.  We should nurture ourselves, in mind, body, and “little piece of God,” so that we can overcome the negative values as we move through the Innovation Age to the Spiritual Age.

Electing wise, capable, honest leaders

All nations need capable, wise, and honest leaders.  In democracies, the citizens elect these people.  So, the electorate has a need to embody those same qualities to some extent – being capable, wise, and honest voters.

What is a wise and honest voter?  It is one who isn’t selfish, envious, greedy, hateful, or revengeful.  We must be more astute voters in 2014 and 2016, otherwise heaven on earth will be postponed indefinitely.

Dinesh D’Souza’s two movies, “2016: Obama’s America” and “America: Imagine the World without Her,” are real wake up calls.  The American voters didn’t heed my warnings in 2008 or the warnings of both D’Souza and me in 2012.  In 2014 and 2016 we must turn that far left pendulum the other way, otherwise our nation and the world is at risk financially and with more of the same in terms of wars and poverty.

It is outlandish the scandals of the Obama Administration and the extreme under-reporting of the mainstream press.  I believe that what President Obama personally dictated during the 2012 election campaign makes the actions of President Nixon pale in comparison.  And Hillary Clinton is cut in the same ultra-liberal cloth.

Voters, harness the wisdom-associated values in the upcoming elections!